Hi, my name is Irina and something changed in me when I shot my first boudoir shoot over 14 years ago. That was the day I found my calling. Although what I do might look like a day of dress up, lingerie, makeovers and fantasy to some, what I really get to do is enable women to celebrate their worthiness.

I can usually notice the exact moment when a client is at that point of the shoot when inhibition is replaced by confidence. They've let go of silly comparisons, what others have said, what society deems perfect and trust that I can show them through my lens what they are feeling at that exact moment.

It is exactly through boudoir photography that I am able to take any woman and provide the opportunity to take the blindfold off and allow you see and experience the beauty that is you. They're not just pictures. It's not just vanity.  

"We should never regret the things we do,
but the things we don't do."

and our mission

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