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You know how when you love someone, you love them in spite of their "flaws" or see them in a beautiful light, which they, themselves, cannot see? Boudoir photography is just that, but for you. It extends this same sentiment to enable you to look at yourself with loving eyes. It is a gentle affirmation, capturing your beauty, seen through the eyes of your compassionate boudoir photographer, Irina.

Also, here's a little secret: You don't need a special occasion or anyone else's approval to indulge in a boudoir shoot. You, right here and right now, are reason enough! You are worthy of "you" time and pampering and feeling extraordinary! Know that booking a boudoir session is a gift to yourself, first and foremost and whether it's celebrating a milestone or embracing self-love, your decision to book a boudoir shoot is incredibly empowering!

As the years pass, your boudoir photos will become treasured keepsakes, serving as a reminder of your strength, bravery, and inherent beauty. With me, you'll find a safe and supportive space to express your true self and celebrate your uniqueness.

Ultimately, your boudoir experience is for you, your self-love journey, your confidence and your lasting memory. If you need permission to prioritize yourself, consider it granted. I can't wait to hear your "why" and celebrate you every step of the way! 

So whether you searched for "best boudoir photographers near me" or you're traveling to New York from afar, our commitment remains the same: to indulge you in a truly distinctive and unforgettable experience. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you and make you feel beautiful!

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Hi, I'm Irina - the photographer behind French Kiss Boudoir Photography. Something in me changed when I shot my first boudoir session over 15 years ago - even before I had an amazing makeup artist or knew much about studio lighting! 

Although what I do may seem like a day of makeovers, dress-up, or a sexy photoshoot to some, my true mission is to empower, uplift, and celebrate women while providing a safe space where they can embrace their vulnerability. My approach is elegant, tasteful, and artistic. It's about revealing a version of yourself that is often concealed, all while maintaining an atmosphere that is neither erotic nor explicit.

I can usually recognize the exact moment when a client is at the point of the session when inhibition is replaced by confidence and sense of worthiness. They've let go of silly comparisons, what others have said, what society deems perfect and trust that I can show them through my lens what they are feeling at that exact moment. It's confidence, it's self-love and so much more. 

It is exactly through boudoir photography that I am able to take any woman and provide the opportunity to see and experience the beauty that is YOU. They're not just boudoir photos. It's not just vanity.  

Also, here's the obligatory: I love my husband, our 2 kids and labradoodle, coffee, travel, and late night face-to-face chats with people I love that don't happen nearly as often as they should. Think I'm your person? Get in touch! 

"We should never regret the things we do,
but the things we don't do."

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Irina - New York Boudoir Photographer

Your boudoir shoot experience isn’t complete without our signature boudoir album. Featuring a seamless wraparound cover design and premium photographic paper, our albums are classic masterpieces. A variety of sizes and cover options to choose from to create a personalized album that celebrates your unique taste and style and shows off your exquisite boudoir photos. 

Wall art is also available for purchase and will take your bedroom (or billboard facing your ex) to the next level!

All of our boudoir shoots come with a Gorgeous & complimentary signature album!  

"Irina is absolutely amazing! The whole experience was above and beyond and I will definitely be a return client! She made it more than a wonderful experience, the quality of the shoot and the product in the end was unbelievable!"

"Above and beyond"
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